Camper Trailer Australia — 18 November 2013


1. Eveready Dolphin

Dolphin has launched its newest and brightest-ever torch, the Dolphin LED Lantern, suitable for use around the home, the great outdoors and, especially, the RV. The torch has a high quality LED Luxeon bulb, which delivers 100 lumens of light, has a beam of 365m, improves battery efficiency, and is 40 per cent brighter than the previous Dolphin bulb. It has a comfortable rubber handle for better grip and the whole package is impact resistant, tough, waterproof, and even has a shatterproof lens. It would certainly “light up” someone’s day.

RRP: $27.99 (battery not included)

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2. The Book Seat

Here’s the perfect solution to hands-free holiday reading — The Book Seat, a new Australian invention that’s now being sold worldwide. The Book Seat is like a mini-beanbag, filled with polystyrene beans that will mould and shape to sit at any angle on any surface. It’s made from furniture-grade micro-fibre fabric that’s said to be easy-clean, and it can hold text books, novels, recipe books and electronic gadgets such as iPads and Kindles, as well as gaming devices. The clear acrylic page holder keeps the book open or tablet in place, so it’s easy to sit back and read your favourite book in comfort. And with The Book Seat, your hands are free to raise a glass — or just shoo the flies away!

RRP: $39.95 to $44.95

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3. Karcher K3.800 Ecologic pressure cleaner

Keep it clean and feel good about the environment with the environmentally-friendly K3.800 Ecologic pressure cleaner from Kacher. The K3.800 is made to cope with heavily soiled medium-sized areas and, according to Karcher, gets the job done using little water and minimum energy. Switch to eco-mode, and the K3.800 goes super-green, consuming 20 per cent less water and power compared to normal operation. At 1800 watts, the K3.800 Eco has a maximum of 1800psi pressure using 6.3 litres of water per minute. It’s designed to blast away dirt or grime, and has a range of optional accessories. Constructed from 60 per cent recycled materials, the K3.800 is free from toxic phthalates and PVC. It also features a long-life, water-cooled motor that’s backed by a five-year global warranty. Get this for someone who doesn't mind getting their camper dirty.

RRP: $399

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4. Katadyn Mybottle Purifier

The ability to safely draw drinking water from a river or a remote community tank will surely increase your confidence to delve deeper off the beaten track. Shaped like a traditional water bottle, the Katadyn Mybottle purifier eliminates odours, bacteria and viruses from unfamiliar water as you drink, allowing you to safely quench your thirst. EPA approved, the 560ml vessel uses a multilayered Virupur carbon and fibreglass filter capable of purifying up to 100L. The built-in counter alerts you to when it’s time to fit a replacement.  Chemical and battery free, the Katadyn MyBottle is easy to use and weighs just 260g. Ideal for those who venture off the beaten track.

RRP: $$89.95 for MyBottle Purifier including Virupur Cartridge; 59.95 for replacement cartridge

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5. Narva Led Work Lamps

Do you know someone who loves to tinker in their workshop or garage? Do them a favour and make their space as bright as day with the range of Narva LED work lamps . With a low-current draw and a brilliant white light output, Narva’s Led work lamp range is available in different shapes and sizes and a selection of light output choices from 500 and up to 15,000 lumens. Popular products include an ultra-compact LED flood beam suitable for applications where space is limited, with the most popular model (72449) having a 1200 lumen output. The Senator II LED work lamp is one of the most recent additions to the range. Available in 7 x 3W (2000 lumens) and 7 x 5W (3200 lumens), the Senator II features a hybrid optic design for applications requiring either a flood or spot beam.

RRP: Starting from around $99

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6. Atka Pocket Chainsaw

All too often that handy, yet bulky chainsaw is culled from the final packing list in an effort to preserve sanity on the road. Your offroad exploits needn’t be compromised, however, thanks to the pocket chainsaw from Atka, a pint sized cutting tool featuring 124 bidirectional teeth across a 71cm band for clearing small tree limbs during your travels. Now standard issue in the US military kit bag, the all-stainless steel Pocket Chainsaw weighs just 140g, features moulded handles and comes in its own tin for easy transport. Add it to the kit on your next offroad adventure.

RRP: $54.95 

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7. Powertogo Portable Power Pack CL 2000

As the comforts of home become standard kit when camping out so too the demands on your rig’s power supply. Thankfully, the PowertoGo Portable Power Pack provides a convenient, quiet and cost-effective way to augment your grand campsite ambitions without the hassle or expense associated with upgrading your auxiliary power installation. Suitable for 12V and 240V applications, the standalone power pack (measuring 450x 350x120mm) features five 50W fold-out solar panels and a fast-charging 48A Lithium ion polymer battery with a higher capacity than a traditional 12V 100Ah battery. Great for anyone who just can't leave home without all those expensive electronic items.

RRP: $2195

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8. Boab 58L Stackable Universal Tanks

No two rigs are alike, which is why flexibility is mandatory when determining your wet supplies. Boab’s stackable universal 58L tanks, available for diesel fuel or water, can be fitted vertically or horizontally with the optional multi-direction, flush-mounted filler kit, avoiding the costs or delays of a made-to-order system. Two units lock together to save space to either work independently or as a single 116L unit, thanks to the dimpled design. Furthermore, tanks are fitted with a standard size brass outlet and breather fittings for optimal durability. Make someone happy by making their rig go further.

RRP: From $195

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9. Garmin Oregon 600t Handheld GPS with camera

Garmin has released its redesigned handheld GPS, the Oregon 600t. The portable unit from features an enhanced touch screen display for optimal performance under harsh sunlight, even when you’re wearing gloves, says Garmin. Travellers can zoom in, pan out and rotate the pre-loaded Aussie and NZ topo maps, and capture moments using the built-in 8MP autofocus camera and map-ready SD expansion slot. Navigation is supported with the high-sensitivity Glonass-enabled GPS receiver and HotFix satellite prediction for fast and precise location even when you’re under cover. According to Garmin, the 600t can lock in to a signal 20 per cent faster when interacting with Glonass 24-strong satellite network compared to GPS alone. The unit also features a barometer and built-in three axis electronic compass with tilt compensation and offers full track view allowing trekkers to predict the course ahead. Who wouldn't want one?

RRP: $599

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10. Atka Drybags

We campers might be a tough bunch when it comes to exploring the bush, but when it comes to outdoor comfort we’re a bunch of softies — no-one wants wet gear. This is where the Atka Drybag can come to the rescue. Made from heavy duty vinyl, Atka Drybags are bags for all seasons, and suitable for carrying gear when kayaking and canoeing, camping and fishing.

Drybags are tough and easy to use — simply roll the top over and clip it down and your gear’s as snug as a bug in a drybag. Atka says its Drybags are 100 per cent waterproof, collapsible and easy to store. And if water can’t get in, neither can dust, so these bags would be ideal for outback touring. Atka Drybags are available in a range of sizes from 5L up to 20L, in a choice of red, black, yellow, orange and green. We all know someone who could do with one of these.

RRP: 5L $24.95; 10L $26.95; 15L $29.95; 20L $31.95

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