School Teacher Wins Camper Trailer

Sam Richards — 24 January 2019

Primary school teacher Fiona Moretti has won the 2018 Opposite Lock Ultimate Adventure Pack, landing herself a new Stoney Creek Nugget SF Camper Trailer, Hema HX-1, Roadvision LED Lighting Kit and a 12 month subscription to Camper Trailer Australia Magazine.

After her name was drawn from the 10,300 entries, Camper called Fiona straight away. At the time, she’d just finished her shift for the day and was sitting in the car, ready to head home.

“It was quite a shock, and a lovely surprise,” she says. “I was sitting there in the car, listening to the long list of things that I’d won, with all the accessories.”

After the initial shock wore off, Fiona began to daydream about her first journey in her new camper trailer, with the long-term goal of Fraser Island popping to mind.

Her existing experience of using campers came as a child, when her family used to stay at Yanakie and on the farms of friendly farmers throughout Victoria. Now, as an adult, she wants to take her time building up her skills at handling it herself, before tackling anything extreme.

“I have the summer holidays, so I’m definitely taking it to Philip Island – that’s going to be my first trip,” she says.

“I’m quite lucky. My family have a holiday house, so at this stage I’ll just have it in the backyard, just getting used to assembling it, disassembling it, and trying to work out what sort of things I’m going to have in the storage areas.”

“I’ll be there for about two weeks; after that I haven’t made any plans just yet.”

“I need to build confidence in towing the trailer, but once I’ve had a few practices, I’m sure that I’ll be off around Victoria.”

Fortunately, she’ll have plenty of time in which to do this: “Being a teacher, I have a lot of school holidays and everybody has long weekends, so I’ve got lots of opportunities to take it on trips.”

The first person Fiona told was her brother, the next her father. She also made sure to tell the year three and four students she teaches, who she says were very excited.

Late last year, Fiona and her mother came to Stoney Creek Campers in Campbellfield to see the prizes for the first time. Fiona was thrilled, observing about the camper trailer: “There’s been a lot of thought put into the design; it’s very practical and I can see that safety has been thought of. It certainly looks like a trailer that would be easy to tow.”

Although her family owns vehicles capable of towing the camper, Fiona says she’ll utilise an upcoming car upgrade to unleash further travel opportunities for herself.


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