Innovative and Memorable MSA 4X4 Products

Robyn Pitman-Williams — 23 June 2022
Years of research and innovation has ensured that MSA 4X4 Accessories is a leader in their field

Australia is perfect for 4WDing and outdoor adventures. For many years, MSA 4X4 Accessories has provided the means for adventurers to enjoy the great outdoors safely. Years of research and safety testing go into each MSA 4X4 product to ensure customers are provided with the very best accessories available. Let’s go down memory lane and have a look at some of MSA’s most memorable and innovative products.

Water Bra

The original Water Bra was a ground-breaking new product MSA 4x4 first brought into the market in 2003. The MSA 4x4 Water Bra is the original Water Crossing Bra designed to help prevent extensive damage to your vehicle’s engine and radiator when crossing deep water. The Removable Rear Wheel Bag was invented soon after, perfect for carrying and securing a wide range of accessories outback. 

Drop Slide

Another popular MSA 4X4 product is the world-first Drop SlideTM. The patented product allows for easy access to your fridge, toolbox or generator. After accessing it, you can simply slide the fridge or toolbox back into its original position. Not content with settling for the status quo, MSA 4X4 has further developed the Drop SlideTM for ease of use and user convenience. The new MSA 4X4 Power Slide operates by pressing a button, taking out all physical effort to slide out your fridge. 

Storage Drawer Systems

After years of using other companies’ drawer systems in MSA 4x4 vehicles, MSA 4x4 built something even better to make life easier for people and redefine storage drawer systems. The objective was to create a brand new drawer system that was designed from the ground up. In 2016, the Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System was released, which immediately became one of the company’s most in-demand products. It is designed with patent ‘pro-glide’ technology offering a smoother opening under heavy loads as well as 100% drawer extension access. This product is fully crash-tested and ADR-compliant, as are the attachments that come with it. 

Towing Mirrors

Towing is an important part of 4WDing, so MSA 4X4 has addressed this requirement with its all-round driving and towing mirror, which was launched in 2019. These mirrors give optimum visibility by offering full vision of the road and traffic behind the vehicle. They can be adjusted to what best suits the driver, as it comes in four different positions allowing for any situation. These market-leading towing mirrors are ADR compliant.

The Future

The future is bright for MSA 4X4 Accessories. Driven by a genuine love of the outdoors and an innovative nature, the company looks set to continue its streak of ground-breaking product development. 

Shane Miles, director of MSA 4X4, says the company remains committed to providing Australian adventurers with leading-edge equipment and accessories. 

“All MSA 4x4 Products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality for them to perform the way they should. MSA 4x4 is continuously finding solutions to improve products and ensure customers receive the best. They are endlessly seeking to produce new products to bring into the market for customers to take out with them on their adventures,” - Shane Miles. 

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