AutoPacific Group purchases Cruisemaster

Editorial Team — 5 July 2021
The all terrain towing tech company will become part of AutoPacific Group's international vehicle accessories and towing solutions network

In news that will affect almost any Australian interested in camper trailers or offroad caravans, Cruisemaster has announced today that as of 1 July it has joined AutoPacific Group's international network of towing and vehicle accessory manufacturers and retailers.

As Cruisemaster said, "AutoPacific Group originated in 1951 in South Melbourne. Eric Hayman who founded the business has links to this day with the Caravan industry that we are all very passionate about. It is this link and many more that make this step natural for the future of Cruisemaster. Going forward Cruisemaster will maintain its unique identity. Chris Goddard will step aside and hand the Leadership of Cruisemaster to Andrew Goddard.

"Going forward the new ownership structure will allow Cruisemaster to fundamentally grow, and importantly offer the resources to continue to develop high quality products and remain as the leader in all terrain towing technology.

"Together Cruisemaster and Auto Pacific look forward to the next very exciting chapter."


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